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爱国主义精神 patriotism

诚实守信 honesty

公民道德建设实施纲要 The Program for Improving Civic Morality

集体主义 collectivism

弘扬主旋律,提倡多样化 highlight the central theme of the times while encouraging diversity

全民健身运动 nationwide fitness campaign


education in social and professional ethics and family virtues

为人民服务 serving the people

深入群众,深入生活 go deep among the masses and into the thick of life

奉献无愧于时代的作品 contribute to the people works worthy of the times


The Chinese civilization is extensive and profound , and has a long history

重要文化遗产 major cultural heritage

优秀民间艺术 outstanding folk arts

自立于世界民族之林 stand proudly in the family of nations

艺术及工艺 Arts and Crafts

版画 engraving

贝雕画 shell carving picture

彩塑 painted sculpture

瓷器 porcelain; china

刺绣 embroidery

雕刻 carving

宫灯 palace lantern

国画 Chinese painting

剪纸 paper-cut

景德镇瓷 Jingdezhen porcelain

景泰蓝 cloisonné enamel

蜡染 batik

卖秸画 straw patchwork

木/石/竹刻 wood/stone/bamboo carving

木刻画 wood engraving

泥人儿 clay figure

皮影 shadow puppet

漆画 lacquer painting

漆器 lacquer ware

双面绣 two-sided embroidery

水墨画 Chinese brush drawing ; ink and wash painting

檀香扇 sandalwood fan

唐三彩 Tang tri-colored pottery

陶器 pottery ; earthenware

图章 seal

拓碑 making rubbings from inscriptions , pictures , etc . on stone tablets

拓片 rubbing

微雕 miniature engraving

象牙雕刻 ivory carving

宜兴陶 Yixing pottery

篆刻 seal cutting

戏剧表演 Theatrical Performances

京剧人物脸谱types of facial makeup in Beijing opera

生male characters

末middle-aged male characters

净“painted face” characters

旦female characters


京剧票友amateur performer of Peking Opera

木偶戏puppet show

独角戏monodrama; one-man play

皮影戏shadow play ; leather-silhouette show

折子戏opera highlights


哑剧dumb show ; mime ; mummery ; pantomime

单口相声monologue comic talk

双口相声witty dialogue

口技vocal imitations ; ventriloquism

说书monologue story-telling

杂技acrobatic performance

叠罗汉making a human pyramid


睬高跷stilt walk

马戏circus performances

神话人物Mythological Figures

八仙the Eight Immortals

嫦娥Chang’e ( the Chinese moon goddess)

伏羲Fu Xi (God of Fishery and Husbandry)

福禄寿三星the three gods of fortune , prosperity and longevity

共工God of Water

后羿Houyi (a legendary hero who shot down nine suns )

黄帝Yellow Emperor

夸父Kuafu (a fabled sun-chasing giant )

女Goddess of Sky-patching

盘古 Pan Gu (creator of the universe )

神农 Patron of Agriculture

禹 Yu ( the reputed founder of the Xia Dynasty )

祝融 God of Fire

古代建筑 Ancient Architecture

塔 pagoda

琉璃塔 glazed stupa

舍利塔 dagoba ; sarira stupa ( a pagoda for Buddhist relics )

舍利子 sarira remains from cremation of Buddha’s of saints’ body

喇叭塔 Lamaist pagoda

楼 storied buildings

钟楼 bell tower

鼓楼 drum tower

阁 pavilion

烽火台 beacon tower

华表 ornamental column

牌坊 memorial archway

传统节日 Traditional Festivals

拜年 paying a New Year call

爆竹 firecracker

鞭炮 a string of small firecrackers

除夕 New Year’s Eve

春节 Spring Festival

春联 Spring Festival couplets (conveying best wishes for the year )

辞旧迎新 bid farewell to the old and usher in the new ; ring out the old year and ring in the new

大扫除 year-end household cleaning

灯谜 lantern riddles

登高 hill climbing

端午节 Dragon Boat Festival

恭喜发财 May you be prosperous! / Wish you all the best !

观灯 viewing the lanterns

贺年片 New Year film

饺子 dumplings (with meat and vegetable stuffing )

龙灯舞 dragon lantern dance

庙会 temple fair

年画 New Year picture

年夜饭 family reunion dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve

清明节 Tomb-sweeping Festival

扫墓 paying respect to the dead

赏菊 enjoying chrysanthemum

赏月 enjoying the full moon

狮子舞 lion dance

压岁钱 money given to children as a Lunar New Year gift

秧歌舞 yangge dance

元宵 sweet rice-flour dumplings (eaten on the Lantern Festival )

元宵节 Lantern Festival

月饼 moon cake

植树节 Tree-planting Day

中秋节 Mid-autumn Festival

重阳节 Double Ninth Festival

粽子 a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves

烹饪 Culinary Arts

美食节 gourmet festival

中餐烹饪 Chinese cuisine

色,香,味俱全 perfect combination of color , aroma , taste and appearance


four major Chinese cuisines: Shandong cuisine , Sichuan cuisine , Canton cuisine and Yangzhou


南淡北咸,东甜西辣 the light southern cuisine , and the salty northern cuisine ;the sweet eastern cuisine , and the spicy western cuisine

八宝菜 eight-treasure pickles ( assorted walnut meats , asparagus , lettuce , almonds , cucumber and peanuts , etc . pickled in soy sauce )

八宝饭 eight-treasure rice pudding (glutinous rice steamed with preserved fruits , sweetened bean paste , lotus seeds , longan , etc.)

白斩鸡 tender boiled chicken (made by boiling a whole chicken in water and cutting into cubes , then dipping into seasonings )

臭豆腐 odd-odour bean curb

粉蒸肉 pork streamed with rice flour

风味小吃 local delicacy

腐竹 rolls of dried bean milk cream

冷盘 hors d’oeuvres

萨其马 Manchu candied fritter cut in squares

刀切,火候 Cutting and Slicing Techniques , Heat Control

切片 slicing

切条 cutting to strips

切丝 shredding

切柳 filleting

切丁 dicing

切碎 mincing

磨碎 grinding

大/旺/武火 strong heat

中火 medium heat

小/微/文火 gentle heat

烹饪方法 Cooking Techniques

煎 pan-frying

炒 stir-frying

爆 quick-frying

炸 deep-frying

烩 stewing

熏 smoking

煨 simmering

煮 boiling

烘 baking

烤 roasting

蒸 steaming

红烧 braising (with soy sauce )

涮羊肉 dip-boiled mutton slices

羊肉串小摊 mutton barbecue stall

宗教 Religions

佛教 Buddhism

释迦牟尼 Sakyamuni

佛寺 Buddhist temple

大雄宝殿 the Great Buddha’s Hall

藏经楼 depositary of Buddhist texts

金刚经 Vajracchedika-sutra

素菜馆 vegetarian restaurant

罗汉堂 arhat hall

观音 Guanyin; Goddess of Mercy; Avalokitesvara

地藏 God of Earth

四大金刚 Four Heavenly Guardians (at the entrance to a Buddhism temple);Four Devarajas

四大天王 Four Heavenly Kings

因果报应 karma

藏传佛教 Lamaism

大藏经 Tripitaka

转世灵童 reincarnated soul boy

喇嘛庙 lamasery

道教 Taoism

道观 Taoist temple

道士 Taoist priest

关帝庙 temple of Lord Guan

儒教 Confucianism

孔子庙 Confucian temple

孔子 Confucius


rightness, propriety , wisdom , trustworthiness , loyalty , reciprocity ,filial piety , brotherly love

学儿优则仕 A good scholar can become an official ./ He who excels in study can follow an official career .

禅宗 Zen Buddhism


There belief is passed on outside the religion

There is no reliance on written scripts

It goes straight into people’s minds .

One becomes a Buddha the moment

He sees his own Buddha nature .

伊斯兰教 Islam

清真寺 mosques

古兰经 the Koran

耶稣教 Christianity

耶稣基督 Jesus Christ

洗礼 baptism

天主教 Catholicism

天主教堂 Catholic church

古代典籍 Famous Ancient Books

《 春秋 》 The Spring and Autumn Annals

《 史记 》 Historical Records

《 诗经 》 The Book of Songs

《 书经 》 The Book of History

《 易经 》 The Book of Changes

《 礼记 》 The Book of Rites

四书: The Four Books:

《 大学 》 The Great Learning

《 中庸 》 The Doctrine of the Mean

《 论语 》 The Analects of Confucius

《 孟子 》 The Mencius

《 山海经 》 The Classic of Mountains and Rivers

《 本草纲目 》 Compendium of Materia Medica

《 资治通鉴 》 History Retold as a Mirror for Rulers

《 西厢记》 The Romance of West Chamber

《 三国演义 》 The Romance of the Three Kingdoms

《 水浒传 》 Heroes of the Marshes ; Water Margins

《 西游记 》 Pilgrimage to the West

《 红楼梦 》 Dream of the Red Mansions ; The story of the Stone

《 聊斋志异 》 Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio


six classical arts: rites , music , archery , riding , writing , arithmetic

朦胧诗misty poetry

三字经three-character scripture

武侠小说tales of roving knights; martial arts novel ; a kung fu novel

言情小说romantic fiction ; sentimental novel

八股文eight-part essay ; stereotyped writing

五言绝句five-character quatrain

七言律诗seven-character octave

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