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1.从善如流 do good naturally and happily; take advice with a receptive mind; readily follow what is right

2.自欺欺人 deceive oneself as well as others

3.顺民意, 合民情 accord with the popular will and sentiments

4.全国人大高票通过《反分裂国家法》(实际上没有反对票) The NPC passed the Anti-Secession Law with no dissenting The NPC passed the Anti-Secession Law with noopposing vote.

5.两国边境地区可以说是阡陌相通, 鸡犬之声相闻 (中缅关系) China and Myanmar are close neighbors, with their border people living within hailing distance.

6.我们不应该厚此薄彼。 We should not favor one to the neglect of the other We should not favor one over the other We should not play favoritism.

7.走自己的路, 让别人说去吧。 Go one’s own way, whatever others may say.

8.讲公道话, 办公道事 Fair in word and deed Act fair and square

9.黄金发展期 golden/rare/prime period of development

10.矛盾凸显期 (二十一世纪上半叶,我们既面临“黄金发展期”,又面对矛盾凸显期。) a period of increasing problems a period of major challenges

11.赢得主动 to take the initiative; to gain the upper hand to master the situation

12.整体资源 use pooled/all/aggregate resources

13.随着世界制造业大规模向中国大规模转移,也带来一定程度的“能耗转移”。 The massive shift of manufacturing to China has also brought about a transfer of energy consumption(to a certain degree).

14.在经济和社会协调过程中的一系列两难问题 dilemma in the process of coordinating economic and social development

15.高投入,高消耗,高污染的旧式工业化道路 the old-style industrialization characterized by/with/ featuring high input, high consumption and high pollution

16.不合时宜的社会治理模式 outdated governance

17.后发优势 advantages of a late comer

18.中等收入阶层 middle-income group/section

19.中国特色的人力资源优势 China’s advantage in human resources

20.世界经验还要借鉴下去,中国特色还要坚持下去。 We will continue to draw on foreign experience while maintaining Chinese characteristics.

21.(消费结构)基本生活型 consumption pattern of low-income groups;

consumption pattern of meeting the basic needs of life

22.现代生活型 modern-life consumption pattern

23.(在爱滋病区)实行免费匿名检测 free and confidential test

24.(政协)反映社情民意 to reflect social conditions and public opinion

25.忧患意识和塑造意识 sense of urgency and willingness to initiate /to shape things

26.两元经济结构 urban-rural dual economy

27.科学发展观 to take a scientific approach to development;

to pursue a scientific strategy of development

28.第十一个五年规划 the 11th five-year development guidelines

29.生活垃圾无害化处理 domestic garbage was harmlessly treated;

innocuous disposal of domestic garbage

30.绿化覆盖率 greenery coverage

31.农村土地确权 verify/establish rural land-use rights


economic growth has been brought/driven by multiple props/driving forces /multi-stimuli

33.会展经济 conference economy

34.城乡一体的紧急医疗救援体系 integrated urban-rural emergency medical service system

35.全程办事代理制 full range agent service; through agent service

36.“一站式”办公 one-stop service

37.降低企业准入门槛 lower the threshold for market entry/access

38.工伤保险 work-related injury insurance

39.社会守法意识、公德意识有待增强 to strengthen law-abiding and social ethics awareness

40.城市快速路 city express way

41.城市主干路 city thoroughfare/avenue

42.公共客运系统 mass transit system

43.建设园林景观道路 to landscape roads

44.积极承接国际服务业的外包转移 seek more service jobs outsourced by foreign countries/companies

45.都市型农业 urban agriculture

46.(基本完成)国有大中型企业主辅分离、辅业改制任务 separate supporting operations from core operations in large and medium-sized SOEs and turn the former into independent companies(businesses/entities)

47.社会化服务体系 commercialized/outsourced services

48.经营性社会事业项目 public services; profit-making public services

49.中央在京高等教育资源优势 the concentration of high education resources under the central authorities located in Beijing

50.光机电一体化 optomechatronics(the integration of optics, mechanics and electronics)

51.加大对收受回扣、“红包”和乱收费等问题的治理力度 redouble efforts to prevent kickbacks, “red envelope”bribes and other improper charges in medical service

52.反省侵略历史 reproach itself for its past aggression

53.尊重人才 value competent/professional people

54.思想道德建设 moral/ethical education

55.现在达到的小康还是低水平的、不全面的、发展很不平衡的小康 The kind of “xiaokang”(moderate prosperity)obtained so far is still a low-level, incomplete and unbalanced one.

57.党和国家的集中统一 the centralization and unity of the Party as well as the state

58.加强党性修养 cultivate their Party spirit

59.人文交流 cultural and educational exchanges



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