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成交额 gross merchandise volume
炒作假新闻 hyping fake news
限量版产品 limited-edition products
犒劳自己的一天  a day to treat yourself
进入广阔的中国市场 access the vast Chinese market
众星云集的倒计时晚会  a star-studded countdown gala celebration
第二届中国国际进口博览会 the Second China International Import Expo
销量1分36秒破百亿元 sales hit 10 billion yuan in just 1 minute 36 seconds
make it easier for residents to express their views through established channels and continue to explore diverse forms of democracy
improve the capacity and level of governance of modern socialist international metropolises
The science and technology innovation board and the pilot registration system must stay committed to their roles, and the quality of listed firms should be improved.
Urban planning and development must be committed to a people-centered approach and focus on people's needs.
As competition intensifies, Alibaba is searching for fresh ideas to drive sales and keep users hooked to its sites.
The festival’s name originates from the calendar date 11/11, with the four ones referencing being single.

5G商用  5G commercialization
通讯技术设备  communications technology equipment
处于探索阶段  in an exploratory stage
可载3名宇航员    accommodate three astronauts
侵入电脑系统并转移数据  hacking the computer system and transferring data
正式启动6G技术研发工作 officially launching the 6G technology research and development;
独立掌握近地空间长期载人飞行技术independently master the technology for long-term manned flight in near-Earth space
长期开展近地空间有人参与科学实验carry out long-term manned scientific experiments in near-Earth space
China plans to complete the construction of a space station and have it put into operation around 2022.

新药  novel drugs
血管blood vessel
罕见病 rare diseases
传染病infectious disease
加速批准 accelerated approval
监管机构regulatory agency
恶性肿瘤 malignant tumors
免疫系统immune system
埃博拉疫苗Ebola vaccine
心源性猝死  sudden cardiac arrest
心血管疾病cardiovascular diseases
中国制药企业 China-based drugmaker
现场医护人员 on-site medical staff
用于治疗套细胞淋巴瘤的胶囊 capsules for treatment of mantle cell lymphoma;
改善轻度至中度阿尔茨海默病患者的认知功能improve cognitive function in mild-to-moderate AD patients
China’s self-developed drug for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) has been green-lighted for sales, filling a 17-year blank in this field.
The European Commission granted marketing authorization to Merck’s vaccine, known as Ervebo.

课外阅读 reading after class
北京大学 Peking University
绩效考核结果为D   D-level performance rating
我国学生愿意养成阅读的习惯。Chinese students want to pick up reading as a hobby.
中小学生 students in primary and middle schools
随着年龄提升,课件负担加重,留给课外阅读的时间越来越少。They spend less time on extracurricular reading as they get older because of increasing academic pressure.
目前国内的文学教育亟待改善。The current literature education is in dire need for improvement.
被保安强行驱赶 being violently frog-marched by security guards
飞行期间允许女乘客进入驾驶舱 allow a female passenger in the cockpit during a flight
与民航局沟通建议吊销机长的飞行执照 suggest the civil aviation authority revoke the pilot's license
On-duty crew members were suspended from flying for 12 months.

马首铜像 horse-head statue
文化遗产cultural relics
皇室园林imperial resort
兽首雕像animal-head statue
在浩劫中流到国外taken abroad in the havoc
民族屈辱 national stigma
圆明园管理处 the Yuanmingyuan administration
A bronze horse-head statue was donated by Macao-based tycoon and collector Stanley Ho Hung-sun to the National Cultural Heritage Administration.
These animal-head taps took turns to spray water during different hours within a day, but a salvo would happen only at noon.

参赛嘉宾 guest contestant
获得季军 get bronze
效力于……俱乐部 play for....
前冬季奥运会冠军former Winter Olympic champion;
世界反兴奋剂机构 World Anti-Doping Agency;
短道速滑比赛short track speedskating events;
国际社会的认可international society’s recognition
在节目录制过程中昏厥  fainted during the recording
中国年轻观众的偶像 a nationwide sensation with young Chinese viewers
在录制综艺节目的过程中猝死 collapse during the filming of a reality TV show
参演节目的安全问题引发关注 come under scrutiny for the lack of safety for its participants
We are very shocked and saddened and even until now find it impossible to accept.


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