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Faced with a new environment and new tasks, we must deepen the reform comprehensively at this new historical starting point, and continuously strengthen confidence in the path of, theory on and system of socialism with Chinese characteristics so as to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and eventually make China a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious, and realize the Chinese dream of the nation’s great renewal (revival/revitalization).


We should have full confidence, forge consensus, make holistic planning, and pursue development in a coordinated way. We will keep to the direction of reform towards the socialist market economy, take the promotion of social fairness, justice and improvement of people’s lives as the starting point and ultimate goal, further free the mind, continue to release and grow the productive forces, release and strengthen vigor of society, overcome various systemic defects and institutional deficiencies, and strive to open up broader prospects for the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.


We will deepen reform of the cultural sector to building the socialist core values and make Chinaa country with influential culture. We will accelerate improvement of the system for managing the cultural sector and the mechanism for cultural production and operation, establish a sound modern public cultural service system and a modern cultural market system and improve them, and thus bring about great development and enrichment of socialist culture. 


We will deepen ecological environment management reform to build a beautifulChina. We will accelerate system building to promote a sound ecology, improve institutions and mechanisms for developing the country’s territory, conserving resources and protecting the ecological environment and promoting modernization featuring harmonious development between man and nature.


We will always put people first, respect the people’s principal position in the country, give full rein to their creativity, promote reform with full support of the people, and promote well-rounded development of the person. We should strike a balance between reform, development and stability, implement reform boldly yet steadily,  both strengthen top-level planning and advance through a process of trial and error, promote both comprehensive advance and breakthroughs at key points, improve decision-making, form broad-based consensus and synergy for carrying out reform.


China has entered a new phase in its development endeavors and a period of overcoming major difficulties and a deep-water zone in its reform drive. We must, with a strong sense of historical mission, pool the wisdom of the entire Party and the entire society to the broadest extent possible, mobilize all positive factors, be ready to face tough choices, ford dangerous rapids, shatter fetters of an outdated ideological mindset with greater determination, overcome the barriers of entrenched interests, and promote the self-improvement and development of the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


By 2020, decisive progress will have been achieved in the reform of important areas and crucial links. The reform tasks put forward in this Decision are to be completed within this period, and systems that are structurally complete, procedure based and with effective operation will be in place, to ensure that institutions in all areas become more mature and well established.


The basic economic system with public ownership playing a leading role and various ownership growing side by side is an important pillar of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and the foundation of the socialist market economy. Both the public and non-public sectors are key components of the socialist market economy and an important basis for boostingChina’s economic and social development. We must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public economy, maintain the leading position of public ownership, give full play to the leading role of the state-owned sector, and continuously increase its vitality, leveraging power and impact. At the same time, we must unwaveringly encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector, and stimulate its vigor and creativity.


An economy of mixed ownership with cross holding by and integration of state-owned capital, collective capital and non-public capital is an important form of China’s basic economic system. It enables state-owned capital to expand function, maintain and increase its value and raise its competitiveness, and it also enables capital of various ownership to draw on one another’s strength, complement one another and develop together.


Rural collectively owned profit-oriented construction land will be allowed to be transferred, leased and converted into shares, provided/on the precondition that it conforms to planning and its use is regulated. This is to ensure that it can enter the market with the same rights and at the same prices as state-owned land.




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