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Good afternoon and welcome. It's an honour to welcome President Xi to Downing Street...

...I want to see more trade flowing between our countries, like Geely, owner of the London Taxi Company, announcing a £50 million investment in the United Kingdom today. We've got Chinese companies investing in Heathrow, in Thames Water. We've got UK architects designing Chinese cities.


And I'm pleased to announce today that we're signing an historic deal to build the Hinkley nuclear power station, providing reliable, affordable energy to nearly 6 million homes and creating more than 25,000 jobs, all the while working together to build a low carbon future.


...Here again, we're determined to take our relationship to the next level, including through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (我想我们决心把两国关系推到另一个高度,包括英国加入了亚投行)...we were the first Western economy to issue an RMB bond outside China, which will be of great benefit to London (我们是首个发行海外人民币债券的西方经济体,伦敦因此获益匪浅).

Today President Xi and I have discussed how we can build on these ties through the UK–China Infrastructure Alliance (英中基础设施联盟). This will place UK firms at the forefront of opportunities to work with Chinese companies on infrastructure projects, including President Xi's One Belt, One Road initiative (“一带一路”项目) and our own Northern Powerhouse (北部引擎). We've also discussed the excess global supply of steel and how we can tackle it.

亚投行 | 英中基础设施联盟 | 一带一路 | 北部引擎
北部引擎(Northern Powerhouse): A proposal to boost economic growth in the North of England by the 2010-15 coalition government and 2015-20 Conservative government in the United Kingdom, particularly in the "Core Cities" of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.

But our relationship goes beyond trade and investment. China and Britain are both global powers with a global outlook. We share an interest in a stable and ordered world, in which countries play by the rules and work together to address threats to our security and to our prosperity. We've discussed today how, as permanent members of the Security Council, we can deepen that cooperation across the board. We've already worked together successfully to deliver an agreement to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

And we've talked about some of the less familiar challenges we now face, such as how to tackle antimicrobial resistance, where the UK is a world leader. And I'm pleased today that – to announce that we've established a new fund to support vital research and development on this issue.

中英共治?卡梅伦说得还抖起来了,暗示中英可以在安理会达成默契,合作共治世界。远大雄心以一个anticlimax收尾,卡梅伦“高瞻远瞩”,指出英国是……耐药性(antimicrobial resistance)方面的世界领袖——太棒了,中国滥用抗生素倒的确很严重。

So this visit marks the start of a new era (新时代). Some have called it a golden era (黄金时代) in relations between Britain and China, an era of stronger economic ties, deeper trade links, closer relations between our peoples and meaningful dialogue on the issues that matter to us both. And all of this is routed in a relationship between our 2 old countries, a relationship fit for the 21st century, benefitting not just our nations and our peoples, but also the wider world.

Thank you. President Xi?




Mr Prime Minister, friends from the media, good afternoon. First of all, I wish to convey a cordial greetings and best wishes from the Chinese people towards the British people. The Royal Family and government of the UK have accorded to me thoughtful arrangement and warm hospitality. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude.

China and the UK are both major countries with significant influence. This year is the beginning of the second decade of China–UK comprehensive strategic partnership and this relationship has come to a new starting point. I'm making this state visit to the UK to build on past achievements, elevate our political mutual trust, deepen practical cooperation in all fields, and take China–UK ties to a new level(新台阶).

Yesterday, I had a full programme of a state visit accorded to me by Her Majesty the Queen, and I was deeply impressed by the pageantry and warmth throughout. And just now, I had a productive meeting with Prime Minister Cameron. We reached important consensus on many issues, and agreed and announced here that we will build a global comprehensive strategic partnership (全球全面战略伙伴关系) between our countries in the 21st century and jointly open up a golden era (黄金时代) of an enduring inclusive win-win China–UK relationship, and jointly create an even brighter future for our relations.

During the visit we achieved a string of outcomes. Prime Minister and I witnessed the signing of some intergovernmental and business cooperation documents, which include the Hinkley Point nuclear power station (欣克利岛核电站) with the involvement of Chinese company. And this is a flagship project of cooperation between our countries in recent years, and it will lead to more practical cooperation of this kind between the 2 sides.

Our financial cooperation continues to lead the way. China will issue in London RMB sovereign bond (人民币主权基金)outside China for the first time and the People's Bank of China will issue in the UK RMB 5 billion central bank bills. And the 2 central banks will extend bilateral currency swap (双边货币互换)from RMB 200 billion to RMB 350 billion. And the first RMB green bond will be issued in the UK.

There is a saying in English, 'One today is worth two tomorrows'. (两个明天太久,只争朝夕)And the Chinese people often say, 'Seize the day, seize the hour'(时不我待,只争朝夕).

Let's seize the opportunity and forge ahead together to promote further progress in China–UK relations and bring more benefits to people of our countries and the rest of the world. Thank you.


Prime Minister

Thank you very much, Mr President. I think we've got 1 question from the British press and 1 question from the Chinese press. We'll start with Laura Kuenssberg from the BBC.

BBC's Question

Thank you very much, Prime Minister. Prime Minister, if you were a steelworker who had lost their job yesterday, at the same time as seeing President Xi being ferried down Whitehall (白厅,也喻为英国政府) in a golden carriage, how would you have felt? Is there any price that's worth paying in order to further our business interests with China?

And President Xi, why do you think members of the British public should be pleased to do more business with a country that is not democratic, is not transparent, and has a deeply, deeply troubling attitude towards human rights?

英国钢铁厂是什么梗?这几天英国主要媒体的头条都是这个,起因是印度塔塔钢铁公司(Tata Steel)20日宣布,将裁撤英国两座工厂约1200名员工,原因之一是受到中国低价进口钢铁冲击。塔塔公司裁员的节点和理由无疑耐人寻味,全球化背景下的产业转移无疑是一件众所周知的事,而英国的比较优势显然并非大炼钢铁,而在炼钢方面,中国又有点“优势”过头儿了。

9月12日出版的《经济学人》文章“Longest to reign over them”,举了英国特伦特河旁的斯托克镇的例子,1955年女王造访了这个英帝国的手工业中心,生产中国陶瓷是这里的主要产业,但随着产业转移,近二十年来,这里几乎变成了废城,1997年,菲利普亲王称这里“阴森恐怖”,可今年凯特王妃再次造访时,斯托克又勃发出升级,这里的文化创意陶瓷竟主要卖到中国去。这是一个好故事,生动揭示了面对挑战的不同选择和适应,这类故事在英国北部工业区的各个城市发生,不论是利兹和利物浦等大城市,还是像斯托克和莱切斯特等小镇子。现在,你会如何看待塔塔公司裁员这件事

Prime Minister

Well, let me deal very directly with the issue about steel, because we discussed today the importance of the steel industry, and I want a strong and robust British steel industry, and we discussed the problem of global oversupply. And China itself has plans to reduce that supply.

But I totally reject the idea you either have a conversation about human rights and steel, or you have a strong relationship with China. I want both and we are delivering both and it's when you have that strong relationship, with a strong partnership we have, you are able to discuss all of these issues.


...And what I would say to steelworkers in Britain is: we will take action here in Britain. We will take action on energy costs. We'll take action to help make sure that we procure British steel for British projects. Where we can take action on tax and other issues, we will take that action. Where we can take action in the European Union, we will take that action....

President Xi Jinping

This journalist did not ask me, but I want to say something about the thing that you asked the Prime Minister, the iron and steel issue. The world is facing the overcapacity of iron and steel, not just the UK. This is because of the impact of the international financial crisis, the reduction of demand, and China's iron and steel industry is also facing excess capacity and the challenge of how to absorb those capacity.

And China has taken a series of steps to reduce the capacity. We have reduced it more than 700 million tonnes of production capacity, and you can just imagine our task of finding jobs for those workers. And the UK is an important partner for China for industrial cooperation. We should not just focus on the competition in this area.


We should see that by the end of our 2014, our investment in the UK totalled 12.8 billion RMB yuan, and we created 16 million jobs in the UK. And this – during this visit, we're going to sign a number of documents – cooperation documents, and such agreements will create even more jobs for the UK. We appreciate UK's commitment to free trade. We hope that will further our industrial dialogue and cooperation. Through collaboration and cooperation, we will be able to resolve trade disputes and frictions, avoid protectionist measures, so that we will move forward our trade relations.


And coming to the human rights issue that you asked, China attaches great importance to the protection of human rights. We combine the universal value of human rights with China's reality, and we have found a path of human rights development suited to China's national conditions. With regard to protection of human rights, looking round the world, we know that there is always room for improvement. All countries need to continuously improve and strengthen human rights protection to meet the needs of the time and the people. And on the issue of human rights, I think the people of our respective countries are in the position – in the best position to tell. And China is ready to, on the basis of equality and mutual respect, increase exchanges and cooperation with the UK and other countries in the area of human rights. Thank you.


I am journalist from China. We have learned that the UK government is advancing the plan of 'Northern Powerhouse' and want to align with the Belt and Road Initiative. What is your opinion?

President Xi Jinping

The Belt and Road Initiative connects the Asia-Pacific economic circle in the East, and the European economic circle in the West, and there are more than 60 countries along the traditional route. So, we are talking about a global connectivity, and this initiative will bring about more opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation among countries in the region.

And this initiative is warmly received by countries along the route in larger areas. And the UK side has expressed a strong interest in participating in the construction of this initiative, and hopes to align its Northern Powerhouse project with the Belt and Road Initiative.

This is great news. The Belt and Road Initiative is open, and we know that, when everyone adds wood to the fire, the flame will go high. And we welcome the UK's participation and we encourage Chinese companies to the construction of Northern Powerhouse, and make more investment, so that we will achieve win/win results.

And I will visit Manchester during this trip. I am looking forward to seeing what's happening in Manchester. Thank you.

Prime Minister

One of the points of these in-depth discussions that we've been having here today, and will have tomorrow in Chequers, is to better understand each other's economic strategies and how we can have the maximum benefit for both our countries from them. And I've been explaining to the Chinese President how we've made some choices in Britain, the choice to prioritise infrastructure investment, like high-speed rail, the choice to rebalance our economy and build the Northern Powerhouse, the choice to give a priority to the high-tech and skills, jobs and training.

Just as the President has been explaining to me the One Belt, One Road initiative and what that means for China, and how other countries can benefit from investing in that vision. And that's very much, going back to – answer to the original question, that's the point of such a dialogue is to better understand each other's economic needs and priorities for mutual benefit.

But thank you very much for coming. Thank you Mr President.




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