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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying’s Regular Press Conference on May 12, 2015




At the invitation of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, US Secretary of State John Kerry will visit China from May 16 to 17. The two sides will exchange views on China-US relations and other issues of common interest.




Q: The UN Human Rights Council began the Universal Periodic Review on the US on May 11, giving some critical advice on the human rights problems in the US including the excessive use of force by law enforcement personnel, race, religion and gender discrimination, torture, the Guantanamo prison, etc. What is your response to this?




A: The Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council on the US on May 11 once again proves that no country can keep a perfect record or claim to be the best on human rights issue. There is always room for improvement. China hopes that countries under review can pay heed to other countries’ advice with modesty, strive to resolve their own human rights problems, and improve the human rights situation. China will continue to work in tandem with all countries to ensure the just and objective operation of the Universal Periodic Review mechanism.




Q: According to media reports, India has designated the head of the New Development Bank. What is China’s comment on this? Can you give us more details on the latest preparation of the Bank?




A: Establishing the New Development Bank is a milestone in the fiscal and financial cooperation among BRICS countries. As a supplement to the existing global and regional multilateral financial institutions, the Bank takes on great and far-reaching significance for the infrastructure building and sustainable development of BRICS countries and other emerging markets and developing countries, as well as global economic governance reform.




As agreed by BRICS countries, the Bank will be headed by one governor, the first of whom will be nominated by India, and four vice governors, the first of whom named by Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa respectively. India has officially named Kundapur Vaman Kamath as the governor of the Bank. China welcomes this and looks forward to Mr. Kamath’s coming to Shanghai where he will lead a preliminary management group to prepare for the building of the Bank. As the host country of the Bank, China will do as much as it can to support the building of the Bank and assist Mr. Kamath’s work in Shanghai.




China has nominated Mr. Zhu Xian as the Chinese vice governor of the Bank. His working experience in the Finance Ministry of China, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank has made him a veteran in international cooperation. It is believed that he would work closely with the governor and other vice governors of the Bank to expedite the preparation process and put the Bank into early operation.




Q: Media reports say that on May 11, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito Party of Japan held consultations on the New Security Defense Law. After reviewing and agreeing on a series of bills including an amendment to the law in response to armed attacks which approves the right to collective self-defense, the two parties would submit the bills to the parliament on May 15. What is China’s response to this?




A: The Chinese side has repeatedly expressed its position and concerns to the Japanese side concerning its right to collective self-defense, calling on Japan to respect the legitimate security concerns of its Asian neighbors and take prudent actions so as not to impair the sovereignty and security interests of China. The Chinese side will continue to keep an eye on the relevant move of Japan, and resolutely safeguard national security and regional peace and stability.




Q: Today Japan and the Philippines held their first ever joint military exercise in the South China Sea. What is your comment?




A: We have taken note of the report and will pay close attention to this. The South China Sea remains stable in general. It is hoped that relevant countries would respect efforts by regional countries to safeguard peace and stability of the South China Sea by themselves, and refrain from playing up tensions or doing anything detrimental to security mutual trust among regional countries and peace and stability in this region.




Q: The Philippine military invited foreign journalists for a trip to Zhongye Dao by military plane on May 11. According to the Philippines side, this visit was to show that Zhongye Dao is part of the Philippines. How does China respond to this?




A: China exercises indisputable sovereignty over the Nansha Islands including Zhongye Dao. According to the international treaties which define the territory of the Philippines, Zhongye Dao and other maritime features in the Nansha Islands have never been part of the Philippines. The Chinese side is opposed to the Philippines’ occupation of some maritime features of China’s Nansha Islands by force, and stays resolute in safeguarding territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.




The Philippines recurrently goes against the international law and the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC), stirs up troubles concerning the South China Sea issue and keeps taking provocative actions which undermine mutual trust among all parties and regional peace and stability. What happens lays bare that the Philippines is the real rule-breaker and trouble-maker. Its attempt to seize maritime features of China’s Nansha Islands is futile. The Chinese side once again urges the Philippines to respect China’s territorial sovereignty, abide by relevant international law and the DOC, withdraw all personnel and facilities from the illegally occupied maritime features of China’s Nansha Islands, and put an end to all provocations that infringe upon China’s sovereignty and rights and interests or affect regional peace and stability.




Q: Can you brief us on the joint military drill between China and Russia in the Mediterranean?




A: The Spokesperson of the Defense Ministry has answered this question, and there has been quite some media coverage about this. I’d like to refer you to the Defense Ministry for more details.




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